Thursday, May 26, 2011

miss "louboutanii"

OMGOD is all I have to say.. Look what just came in the mail.. my UPS guy knows exactly what i love lol! I know its summer but i had to share with you guys ! THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL and all I want to do is walk around the house/go to the grocery store in them. 
I am wearing;
Jeans by J Brand
Shirt by Wildfox 
Hat by Zara
Boots by Christian Louboutin 

Monday, May 23, 2011

City Lights

So finally after my long psychology final I am back blogging. This final was so important to me that I have been studying non-stop for the past last week and good news I definitely did well. Last night my boyfriend and I went out for a little late night dinner to the most talked about spot in the city, Cafe Habana. It was pretty yummy but not to die for, and I am a crazy fan of to die for food. I really enjoy finding little jammed places that serve yummsies. But this was not the case even thought the food was good, it was not worth the half hour we waited for the table. After dinner we wanted to catch a late night movie but the movies were jammed so we went around Battery Park for a stroll. They really have built a beautiful promenade there. We didn't really want to take pictures since we wanted a calm night but it was so beautiful outside that I had to snap a few with my Iphone.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sister Love

Love my sister so much, if it wasn't for her I would have never have such a great taste in fashion and such an expensive taste that I have, Love her life.
We are both wearing Christian Louboutin Pumps.
Great minds think alike =)

some inspirations.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers =)

I want to wish to all the beautiful mothers out there a happy mothers day =). Especially to my mom whom I love to pieces. She is my life.

On another note what do you guys think about these sandals? Should I purchase them? I want your feedback!! They are christian louboutin nuria sandals..

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Birthday !

My birthday passed not too long ago, and I really wanted to share these pictures of me and my lovely boyfriend Vitale. He took me to my favorite restaurant China grill and gave me the most precious birthday gift a brand new Balenciaga bag.
I am wearing
Jeans: Current Elliot
Poncho: Rachel Roy
Bag: Chanel
Booties: Christian Louboutin

Glam Glam

What could be more glam glam then a Chanel tattoo on the back of your neck? or two gorgeous birkin bags?.. In my world that is the definition of glamorous or as I say it "Glam Glam"

Monday, May 2, 2011

Wishing List

Patterson J. Kincaid
Plastic Island
Halston Heritage

Lisa Stewart
For those who don't know me I am obsessed with Shopbop. I practically live on it, half of my closet comes from Shopbop. When I am in class and my professor is talking about sociological material I am on my iphone on Shopbop. My boyfriend thinks it has become a problem as I wake up every morning I grab my phone/macbook and jump to see what’s new! I mean I think it has become a problem. Its something about their website and the easiness of navigating it that makes me so drawn to it. I like my shopping website's to be organized and simple. I am more of an online shopper, and that is interesting because about 2 years ago I used to hate waiting for my stuff in the mail and now it has become a routine of the ups guy coming to my door and me running down the stairs to see what he has for me today. So basically the ups guys is my Santa clause and everyday is Christmas. Lol I hope I am making sense or maybe I completely lost my mind. So here is a look into my wishing list.

I do not own the rights to these pictures and they are coming from

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My obsessions

I get obsessed so easily.. I went to saks fifth ave the other day and saw a beautiful pair of louboutin and I need them so therefor I will start nagging my boyfriend for them. I thought to myself if I just get this one pair I wont need anything else until I remembered about the Celine Boston bag and how much I NEED IT! And to add on top of everything I want chanel summer sandals.. Will there ever be a day where I can go on with my day without thinking about a piece of clothing. For now I can only dream.