Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday !

I took sometime off from blogging but I am back ! School has been overwhelming lately and gives me no time to blog =/. After Thanksgiving everyone takes their credit cards and head out to Saks. Yesterday I decided it would be a good idea to go shopping but I was wrong. Black Friday is WACK! Seriously, walking up to 8th floor in saks and looking at all the shoes that were on sale I stopped and wondered.. Where do they get these shoes from? Everything seemed like it was 5 seasons old and stuff that I never even see on daily basis in saks (and I practically live there). Its like they keep this stuff in the back waiting for Black Friday! After that I received a text from Sean my Barneys friend telling me my Celine luggage tote has arrived but unfortunately I changed my mind about the color I have wanted. I put myself on the list for the beige one but since then I have talked myself out of it and started leaning towards black/cobalt blue one. Now I shall wait for another 3 months for my bag to arrive=/. SO in conclusion I had a better experience shopping online and enjoying "free shipping for black friday" promo then any other sale! lol! Here are some pictures my girlfriend and I took on Rockefeller Center. 

BTW NEW YORK CITY in the winter is magical for all of those wanting to visit do it now!!!

I am wearing- 7forallmankind jeans : Zara turtleneck sweater
Christian Louboutin egoutina boots : Fox Fur vest : Chanel bag


  1. love your look and ur style !

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  2. Those boots are insanely AWESOME